Whiskey Glass Giveaway


The contest is closed! Thank you all for entering, the winner will be emailed shortly!

The crew over at homewetbar.com and I have teamed up to give away a set of monogrammed whiskey glasses and whiskey stones to a RMDW reader. To enter just put your email into the box before May 31st, and we will let you know if you are the lucky winner. Full disclosure: On entering your email here you can expect to receive exactly two emails. One on  behalf of Home Wet Bar. This email will be asking you to sign up for their newsletter. If you do not follow through with that request, they will not contact you further. The second will announce the contest as being closed, and if you are a winner or not. I will also try to convince you to sign up for the Real Men Drink Whiskey newsletter at that time. Again, if you don’t opt-in you will hear no more from me.


The glasses

How many of your friends have a set of monogrammed whiskey glasses? The glasses themselves are nice and heavy, and large enough to be used for some epic Mint Juleps, right in time for summer. These aren’t $300-a-piece crystal masterpieces, but to be entirely honest: I don’t enjoy drinking out of such glasses anyway. I don’t feel the need to pretend I’m some sort of aristocrat when having a drink of bourbon, all I need is a heavy glass that feels good in my hand. In that regard, these glasses are exactly what I want.


The stones

Whiskey stones are an interesting item to own. They are not the kind of thing you will likely use every day, but when you do have a need they are an exceptional nicety to have on hand. Many men like to drink their whiskey neat (some will argue it’s the only way to drink it), but just about every man likes his drink to be cold at the end of a long hot summer’s day. With whiskey stones you can get the best of both worlds. Put the soap-stone cubes in the freezer, and when you have something you want chilled, but not diluted, drop some stones into the glass. Thanks to soapstone being incredibly soft, you’re not going to chip or break your glasses by mistake. Interested enough to want to try them? Enter your email and win yourself a set for free.