A friend sent me this video of the greatest movie threats of all time, I figured why stop there? Here for your viewing pleasure the 100 greatest movie threats, horror movie quotes and cheesiest lines of all time.

First up are the 100 greatest movie threats of all time:

Video By Real Men Drink Whiskey

While this video is pretty damn awesome, and I have a tremendous amount of respect for the guy who made it (these things take way more time than you think), he missed out on the greatest comedic threat of all time:

Video By Real Men Drink Whiskey

Second up are the 100 greatest horror movie quotes of all time:

Video By Real Men Drink Whiskey

I have to say, this one pretty much hit it right on the head. I’m somewhat of a horror movie junky, and I couldn’t have made this movie better myself. In fact I probably wouldn’t have even come close. Well done, sir; well done. You’ll notice the Shining gets a repeat entry from the greatest threats, being one of the greatest movies of all time it’s really not a surprise.

You’ll also notice that a lot of the movies featured get multiple spots, to be expected considering there really aren’t that many truly great horror movies in the world.

Note: I don’t qualify Deliverance as a horror movie, but that line is absolutely good enough to deserve a spot.

Finally, here are the 100 cheesiest movie lines of all time:

Video By Real Men Drink Whiskey

This is the weakest of the three montages in my opinion. While a lot of these lines are cheesy-as-fuck, plenty of them were the perfect line for the scene. Then again some of them are so cheesy they’re hard to watch. It’s funny how many of these clips are spoken by Arnold Schwarzenegger. He made a career of owning some of the worst-scripted lines of all time.

And it’s sort of unfair to use lines from the new Star Wars movies, as those are possibly the cheesiest, worst movies ever written.