WWJWD: What Would John Wayne Do?

WWJWD: What Would John Wayne Do?

A little while back I went back and removed a bunch of the earliest posts to this blog. They won’t be missed. Unfortunately, one article I wouldn’t have removed got caught up along with them. This morning I got a message from a man asking me if I had a copy of it, because he couldn’t find it anymore on my site. I dug it up, and was about to send it to him but decided to post it back here instead. 

Thank you.

-Sean Lind.

Every man will find himself in a quandary from time to time. When in doubt and in need of guidance you need ask yourself just one question: What Would John Wayne Do?

When I was just a boy I was having a very serious discussion with my father about a choice he had made when I tried to show I understood by throwing out the cliché “you should never take the easy way out”.

His response was some of the best advice I have received. “No” he said, “you should always take the best way out”. Continue reading “WWJWD: What Would John Wayne Do?” »