How to Date More than one Girl at a Time (and not be an Asshole)

How to Date More than one Girl at a Time (and not be an Asshole)

Let’s make this clear right off the start: this is not a guide on how to cheat. If cheating is what you’re looking to do stop reading; you’re not welcome here.

Additionally, you’re not going to find an essay debating and describing various relationship models. I am not trying to convince anyone to adopt one model over another, the choice is up to you and the people you are involved with.

The final caveat is this: Not everyone is willing/able to embrace and enjoy alternative lifestyles. You’re dealing with a lifetime of propaganda, beliefs, dreams, drama and scar tissue. Before you consider dabbling in this world you need to have a very serious and honest conversation with yourself. You’re dealing with emotions, your own and those of the girls. Just like the standard relationship model, things aren’t always going to work out, and people are going to get hurt.

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How to Manipulate People

How to Manipulate People

Any time you are communicating with another person, you are actively trying to manipulate them in the process. This sounds terrible, but that’s only because you’ve only ever heard the word used a negative context before.

When you communicate you are doing it with a purpose, you’re trying to achieve something. For most people this is a primarily unconscious act, especially when the goal is something small such as asking a stranger what street you’re on. In this case you’re being direct and open about your goal, and the stranger is almost always willing to be manipulated into giving up this information. We call it being polite, but all politeness really is, is the willingness to be manipulated without restraint.

The first thing you need to truly understand, is that manipulating people is not wrong in of itself. But always use your powers for good, not evil.

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Online Dating Tips for Men

Online Dating Tips for Men

There was a time where it felt shameful to admit you met your partner online, that time is long passed. Everyone knows someone who has had success with online dating, and with internet being a staple for modern life online dating has quickly become common place.

If you’re still on the fence the only reason you need is this:

If you increase the number of ways someone can meet you, you will increase your chances of finding a soul mate.

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How to Get a Girl

How to Get a Girl

One of the most common questions men pose to me, in both real life and through this blog, is how to go out and pick up women.

The phrasing isn’t always so elegant, but whether you’re asking me “how do I get laid?”, “How do I get a girlfriend?” or simply “how do I pick up a girl?” the core of the question is identical: you want to connect with a female and build a relationship. Continue reading “How to Get a Girl” »

Everything you need to know about Boobs

If you’re human, and don’t get off on the idea of two penises in one bed, chances are you’ve spent more time thinking about boobs than just about anything else since the age of twelve.

Since junior high, girls have spent every day of their life trying to show off, exaggerate or even hide their boobage. At the same time the guys became deeply obsessed, an obsession which most of us will never quite shake.

Even though we really had no idea what we wanted to do with these lumps of glory, we knew we wanted them more than anything else in the world… except for maybe a Playstation. For this reason alone just about every boy in the world has become a self-proclaimed boob expert, having started their degree in boobology around the same time as learning long-division.

Despite having spent the majority of our lives with boobs on the brain, it’s truly surprising just how little the average person actually knows about breasts. Enter the infographic: Everything you need to know about boobs.

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