Real men drink whiskey, but even real men enjoy something refreshing, cool and delicious on a hot summer’s day; enter the whiskey sour.

While you can find multiple Whiskey Sour recipes online, I’m of the opinion that things should never be made more complex than they need to be. At the same time you should never dumb something down, if you’re going to do something do it properly.

This whiskey sour recipe is about as classic as it gets, refined by my own hand. Follow it and you’ll be the toast of your friends, literally.

Note: If you are not familiar, you can learn the basics of cocktail mixing here.

What you need to make a whiskey sour

  • Martini shaker
  • Rye straight whiskey (if you can’t find real Rye, not Canadian Rye, use Bourbon)
  • Fresh whole lemons (1 per drink)
  • Super fine sugar (I like to use berry sugar, as icing sugar tastes odd to me)
  • Large Egg (1 per drink)
  • Orange Bitters (not crucial, but highly recommended)
  • Ice

Note: This drink was originally created to be made with real Rye. It is the only whiskey I would use for this drink… but if you really can’t get your hands on true Rye bourbon will work nicely in its place.

More Notes: This drink makes a single, it will fill about half of your whiskey glass, double everything up for a full glass.

First, squeeze the shit out of a lemon into a standard short whiskey glass, removing any seeds. You’ll want to squeeze one lemon per drink, around 1oz.

Once your lemon is squeezed pour an equal amount of whiskey into the same cup (or measure the lemon and match it with the whiskey). I like to use just a tad more whiskey than lemon juice; again this will be around 1oz.

Fill a martini shaker ¾ full with ice.

Sprinkle 1 heaping teaspoon of sugar over the ice (you can use more or less of this to taste, if you like things a little more sour start with one flat teaspoon and work from there).

Pour the lemon/whiskey mix over the ice.

Crack an egg and add just the egg white on top of the ice. If you’ve never done this before just “juggle” the yolk from one half of the shell to the other, letting the white slide out into the shaker.

Put just 2 drops (not dashes) of Orange bitters into the mix. You’re not trying to flavor the drink orange, this is just to help round out drink for a complete full-bodied flavor.

Put the lid on the shaker and shake the living fuck out of your mix. You’ll want to shake harder and longer than you have ever shook any martini. The reason for this is to beat up the egg white, which will give the drink a perfect frothy meringue like head, and a distinct every-so-slippery texture.

Be warned, a metal martini shaker will get extremely cold while doing this. In fact it can get cold enough to really hurt your hands. I suggest holding it all (tightly) in a tea towel.

Strain out the mix back into the glass, and enjoy.

PS. Since the mixture is frothy from all the shaking it can take a little while to strain the whole contents of the shaker into the glass. Just jiggle and be patient.

Garnish: No real man will ever garnish this drink with a maraschino cherry. If you really feel the need to get fruity and garnish, use a slice of orange. You should also never fill the glass with ice, we’ve already diluted the whiskey with lemon juice, no need to water the drink down any more.

There you go, not only do you get to drink an amazingly delicious fruity drink, it won’t make you feel like any less of a man while you drink it.