Pickup Coaching

Having trouble finding your girl?

Failing to get the girl is often a result of making simple mistakes. There are no tricks, or special pickup lines you can memorize. To be successful with women, you need to learn just two things: what mistakes not to make, and how to build the confidence needed to capture their attention.

It’s easy, let me show you.

I spent most of my life a socially awkward geek. I’ve spent years in the trenches, breaking the game down to its bare bones. Of course I will teach you the how, but more importantly, I offer the WHY you should or should NOT do certain things.

I am the anti-pickup artist.

I help you transform yourself into a confident man who achieves success in everything you do.

Pickup Artists are idiots who focus almost entirely on “them”. The truth is, you need to be focusing on yourself.

You will learn:

  • Confidence – How to fake it, build it, and keep it.
  • Pickup – How to meet women, and attract their attention.
  • Sex – How to become an epic lay, and have the type of sex you want.


Online Dating

Profile Writing: $50

I will take your initial draft, and a series of questions, and write you a profile designed to intrigue and attract girls to reply and contact you.

Outbound Contact Crafting (10 girls): $50

You choose the girls you want to contact, and I will craft messages for you to send to each one. With most girls getting dozens to hundreds of messages a week on dating sites, your message has to stand out above the rest. Let me show you how.

Conversation Response Consulting (3 guaranteed dates): $100

Once you have a conversation started with a girl, your job is to get them to meet you in the wild. I will help you craft your responses, and provide guidance for you to achieve this goal. This service will continue until you have booked three real life dates.


Real Life Dating

Once you are meeting girls in person it’s then on you to progress the relationship, and close the deal. If this is something where you lack confidence or seem to be striking out, I provide full coaching services through weekly skype calls, email contact, and even my personal mobile number for emergency situations. This service is limited to just 10 people at one time. Contact me for rates and availability.

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