Everywhere you go there are girls looking to be picked up. You have a choice to make: be the man to do it, or be the boy who watches others have all the fun.

There are shelves full of books written on exactly how to do this, and some of them are really great, but when it comes down to the fundamentals there are really only five things you need to do to start taking girls home. Your job is to captivate, entertain, and intrigue. This is how you do it.

Look them in the eyes, almost exclusively.

Look here, almost exclusively.

Eye contact: If you only remember one tip, this is it. If you are talking to, or listening to, a girl you need to be looking them in the eyes. This one tip is the foundation of all other things you will try to do. It shows confidence, dominance, strength, integrity, and creates an emotional connection. Eye contact is so powerful, it’s almost possible to pick up a girl using nothing else… almost.

Smile: If you plan to approach, engage, and entertain women, you will have far more success with a big smile on your face. Smiles are welcoming, comforting, and contagious. Simply by having a smile on your face, you will begin to make them smile back at you. Getting a girl to smile at you is half the battle. Just like the last tip you’re already making massive progress, without having said a single word.

Be Confident: Eventually you’re going to have to converse with your target, when you do this you want to be confident, nearing the point of cocky (I said nearing). It’s impossible to understate the importance of being confident when approaching women. Unfortunately being confident isn’t something most people can just choose to do. If you can’t seem to feel it, then you’re just going to have to fake it. Be bold, my friend. Even if you fail, it’s better to be remembered than forgotten.

Stand out in a crowd.

Stand out in a crowd.

Be the Opposite: If you want to get the girl, you need to stand out. You can’t stand out by being exactly like every other chump in the room. To be the man who takes home the girl, you need to be the opposite of every other man there. It doesn’t really matter what your opening line to a girl is, as long as it’s not what they’re used to. Trying to open a girl at a bar with “Hey, what’s your name? Can I buy you a drink?” isn’t going to get you anywhere in life. If you’re in a place like a supermarket, being the opposite is easy: all you have to do is approach them.

Be Intriguing: If you are doing your job well, you will have the girl asking, rhetorically, “who are you?” And if you have really transcended into the world of elite manipulation, you may get the variation “what are you?” Regardless, you need to be exciting. Doing all of the tips above will get you most of the way there, but to close you need to make them want to see more of you, they need to be intrigued. Don’t ask for permission “can I buy you a drink?”, instead take command: ask her what she is drinking and then tell her to follow you to the bar. Carry the mentality that this girl would be crazy to do anything other than go home with you, lead instead of follow. Ask bold questions which will make her shy and blush, and be brazenly bold and honest when she turns them around on you. Be kind, but firm.

I’m not saying using these will guarantee a girl will go home with you from the bar. Similar to how to act on your first date, the idea is to have the mentality and attitude that them coming home with you is inevitable, but don’t expect anything. You’re simply carrying the confidence that if they were to choose to go home with a man, you are probably the best choice for them. If you don’t feel that way about yourself, you need to ask yourself “why not?”

If you’re not confident in your ability to entertain and please a girl, then that’s something you should fix, perhaps with a little help.