My father, John Michael Lind, plays music and always has.

Some of my earliest memories are going to sleep listening to my dad banging on his Normal acoustic (which I absolutely destroyed) singing his heart out to Van Morrison, Bruce Springsteen and John Prine. No wonder three of my favorite artists are Van Morrison, Bruce Springsteen and John Prine.

Lately my father has decided to take it a bit more seriously, and instead of simply playing music in his living room, he would like to play it in yours. I figured the least I could do was write a quick post pointing you in his direction.

He plays mostly covers, but he plays them well. He will never be the most talented or dynamic guitar player in the world, but I don’t think that’s ever been his goal. He shares the songs which matter to him, and he tries to make you feel what he feels when he hears them. These are the songs of his life, from the mouth of someone he’s never met.

Till I Gain Control Again Performed by John Michael Lind

This song is by a songwriting dynamo named Rodney Crowell. Not many people have heard his name, but those who have give him serious respect. This song gives you a pretty good idea as to why.

The Great Compromise Performed by John Michael Lind

I’ve been playing this one myself for many years. It’s a cleverly written anti-war song, which as John Lind says “which unfortunately never seem to go out of style”. This song was written by John Prine, a man who many consider to be one of the greatest song writers who ever lived.

Free Tide by John Lind

Finally, an original for you. No, this song is not about a day and the laundry mat but I can’t help but laugh every time I hear “you might get a punch right in the lunch”.

If you dig what you hear, and you think you’d enjoy hearing these songs in your living room, give him a shout on his webpage: Tell him Sean sent you.