This single concept is the most important tip of all when it comes to picking up girls. Supply and demand is the be-all and end-all of marketing for a reason: nothing else matters when it comes to getting new customers.

Look at a brand like Supreme. Fundamentally their clothes are no different than any others. If you could buy them on any corner in any city, no one would even know their name. You don’t need to be the best, baddest, kid on the block: to get the girls. You simply need to manipulate the concept of supply and demand.

When the supply is large, and the demand is low you’re going to see no action. If you want to pick up girls, It’s your job to change that.

The 10th Man

You are the 10th man in the room.

No matter what the actual situation is, you need to think of it as though you are in a room with one woman, and nine other men. In this scenario no one likes to share: only one man is going home with the girl.

The demand is low, and the supply is large. In this room most men are going to play by the same rules and compete with each other to be viewed as the first man. Trying to win this fight is stupid. Instead of going to war every time you step into this room simply change the rules.

Be the Only Man


Things are easy for celebrities.

Everyone knows that being a celebrity or super rich is a sure-fire way to have nearly effortless success picking up women. While there are many reasons why this is, they all can be boiled down to the topic of this article. If a celebrity walks into a room with nine other men, he’s never the 10th man, he’s the only celebrity in a room with nine men and one woman.

Supply and demand dictates the celebrity will win. The demand is there, and he controls 100% of the supply. He was never competing with the other nine, the rules didn’t apply.

Simply becoming a celebrity isn’t an option. But to pick up the girl you don’t need to be the celebrity, you just need to follow in his footsteps. Make the room into nine men, and you. If the woman doesn’t consider you to be part of the group, then you no longer have to compete with that group.

You know the advice “be the opposite of every other man in the room”? This is what that advice is trying to tell you. It’s about making a clear divide between you and the other nine.

How to Break the Rules

How you make this happen is going to be up to you. But like most things in life, you can either do it in half-measures, or commit fully.

Half Measures

If you don’t want to start making fundamental changes in who you are, then you can only change how you are perceived. The perception of you in the room is based on how you look, how you sound, how you move, and how you act.


If you’re going to wear denim, make sure it’s good denim that fits well.

This is where the PUA concept of peacocking comes into play. Changing how you look to be completely different than the rest of the room will set you apart. If you don’t believe me, wear a dress to the next party you go to (as long as it won’t be filled with morons who will try to fight you over it). I guarantee you will be shocked at the amount of attention you receive, and how approachable all the women will become.

In fact, you’ll find many of them approaching you.

You don’t need to follow this more extreme example, you just need to find your own way to set yourself apart. If you think a polo shirt and cheap jeans are going to get you the girl, you are sadly mistaken.

Full Measures

The other option is to commit fully, and make yourself into a man fundamentally different than the rest. This is only useful if you know who you are, and are willing to commit to it. For me it was brazenly presenting myself as a Dominant, kinky, Master of BDSM.

If you have any fetishes that define you, wear them on your sleeve. Most men begin training themselves to fit in at an early age. School was terrible for most of us and not fitting in did nothing but make it worse. But these years of training have done nothing but hurt you when it comes to meeting women.

If you want to win, you need to bring your personality out of the hole you stuffed it down. Be bold, take risks, and let yourself stand out. You will never be noticed as you blend into the crowd.

You can’t Win them All

By making a bold defining statement of who you are, and what you are about, you’re going to become polarizing. A girl looking for a meek waif of a man to push around will have zero interest in me. I can’t pick her up no matter what I do. But that’s fine, as I have no interest in a woman like this, regardless.

But a woman who gets excited from the thought of being with a Dominant man is another story. In this scenario the other nine men in the room are rendered completely irrelevant. Nothing they can do or say will save them, the demand is there and I have a monopoly on the supply.

You want the women who are interested in a man like you, the best way to find them is to show the world what kind of a man you are.

This concept starts working the second you make the decision, don’t wait for some arbitrary amount of experience to move with confidence.