We live in a time where the majority of people on dates met their date online, and when it comes to online dating Tinder is one of the go-to apps for just about everyone.

Despite the minimal options and input required to use Tinder, the majority of profiles I’ve looked at are making one, or many, mistakes. This article focuses entirely on the pre-message stage: before you can try to close, you need to first make a connection. When it comes to making that first connection there are only a few factors you need to consider.

The most important thing on your Tinder profile is your main photo. I don’t mean to imply you need to be a model, or have professional shots. Instead, you need that picture to tell a story the girls you want to connect with are interested in.

Secondly, your profile write-up is crucial. The words in the profile need to compliment the main picture. More importantly than what you say, is making sure not to say anything to get you thrown out before you have a chance to start.

Your follow up pictures are important, but mainly only to confirm the initial impressions of your main photo and your text. I’m not going to talk about the other photos much at all.

Instead of trying to explain what makes a good profile in a few thousand words, I’ve rustled up a handful of random profiles and will point out the mistakes as I go.

Hopefully by the end you have a solid idea of what direction to go with your own Tinder profile. If not, drop a question in the comments and I’ll get back to you.


Tinder Profile Example 1

This profile is decent. The picture and the text compliment each other, the text is direct and descriptive, and it gives you a strong impression of his personality. My only complaint is the picture doesn’t show his eyes or a smile. Despite being an informative picture, it’s not welcoming.

Tinder Profile Example 2

Not the worst, but not great. His picture is accurate, and unlike the previous profile it’s welcoming. The weakness here is the text. While playful and pleasant, it gives you no information about him as a person. He could be a hardcore republican for all we know.

If all you’re going to say are cliches, and make them ask you to get a single shred of information, chances are you’re going to get skipped. You need to give them a reason to want to connect with you.

Tinder Profile Example 3

Great picture. If you have any traits, disabilities, kinks, or otherwise which may be a dealbreaker, you want to display them proudly up-front. His picture has personality and tells a story. Unfortunately his write up is just a title from a Police song. A write up this vague is worse than saying nothing at all. Spending the effort only to be esoteric and confusing is a bad idea.

Tinder Profile Example 4

Terrible. His photo is gloomy and too tightly cropped. He looks like a miserable, lazy, person. His text is equally as bad. I can only hope his text is an effort at humor, but when you combine it with that picture it’s impossible to tell.

Rule of thumb: don’t call yourself lazy, or mention your mother, in an online dating profile.

Tinder Profile Example 5

Fantastic profile. Great smile, great picture, informative text. No changes needed.

Tinder Profile Example 6

This is a calamity. I’m fairly certain Regan here is an intelligent, interesting, man, but this profile is doing him far more harm than good. While pretty, this photo is entirely useless as your main photo for a dating app. If you want to add this as a secondary photo that’s fine, but your main photo should clearly show you.

As for his text, it’s pretty much all bad. It’s always a good idea to open with something unique and interesting, this question falls entirely flat in the effort. Self-deprecating humor is only effective after you have established your value. Not as a first impression.

The rest of his text just gets worse. We have an emoticon mid-sentence, he is using “cute” language, and is purposely writing at a grade four level. There is absolutely no excuse for having a typo in a profile this short. Asking to be invited to a party comes off as desperate, and you never want to end your profile with either “be nice” or “Ciao”, both is disgusting.

Tinder Profile Example 7

After Regan I was sure we couldn’t get any worse. But unless the only girls you want to find are ones looking to score coke, this profile is entirely useless. He looks like he’s on drugs, he’s trying to look cool instead of smiling, and he’s throwing up the horns despite looking as though he has never been anywhere near a metal show.

It’s not the fact that this picture is bad. It’s the fact you would choose this one picture to represent who you are above all others.

Not only that, he thinks this one picture is so great, he doesn’t need to write a damn thing. I can only guess he assumes the girls will be so taken with his choice of blazers words are superfluous.

He’s wrong.

Tinder Profile Example 8

This profile could be great with just a couple minor tweaks. Choose a picture with your eyes open. A picture showing your hobbies is great, just don’t pick a photo from that one time you went boarding.

His text is okay, but you should try to be either grammatically correct or at least consistent. One of the keys to being successful with women is showing confidence. The biggest problem with this profile is the lack of confidence it shows.

  • Eyes closed.
  • Felt the need to mention “very” as well as “part-time”.
  • Calls himself a trainer “enthusiast”.

I have no idea what a “trainer enthusiast” is, but there has to be a better way to say that.

Tinder Profile Example 9

Sweet Jesus. Okay, the picture is terrible choice for many reasons, but I’ll just pick the big one: he’s covering a quarter of his face with his oddly held glass.

This writeup is atrocious. Clearly we’re ignoring grammar for this one, so just like with Sam up there, it’s important to be consistent. Is he saying he is a videogame and a geek, or just a videogame geek? Now you may have expected he was about to say he loves cars and tattoos, but no: the “and” was just there to confuse you further. He loves cars, and he is a tattoo addict.

If you refuse to use grammar, be consistent so people can understand you.

Also, it’s not entirely forbidden to brag about yourself, but you need to mind the golden rule: those who are, don’t feel the need to advertise. If you really are a baller, your photos and lifestyle will exemplify it. If you have to state it for anyone to know, then it’s nearly certain you’re not ballin’. Regardless, if the only trait you exemplify is that you know how to drink, don’t expect anything good to come out of this.

Tinder Profile Example 10

This isn’t all that bad. The picture has a smile, and shows off his dreamy eyes, but this one would probably be best suited as his second photo. If your photo forces someone to have to look at more, just to get an idea of what you really look like, you didn’t pick the best photo. That being said, this is decent.

His text isn’t bad, at all. It shows off a lot of personality, gives some information, and shows confidence.

Nitpick: he should have a period after Ontario. The text (excluding the instagram signature) is just 14 words in length. There is no possible scenario in which you can’t find the time to proof-read 14 words.

Tinder Profile Example 11

Okay, Zac. I have a lot of critiques on his life choices, but none to do with the profile. The picture is perfect for the words he chose. He will find success with the type of woman he’s looking for.

Tinder Profile Example 12

Adam didn’t try to do anything fancy here, and his choices are decent. I feel you should relegate photos in shades to your secondary images, we want to see your eyes, but the rest is fine. He comes off really bland, but that might just be his style.

Tinder Profile Example beard-man

This profile is perfect for who he is, where he is at in life, and the kind of girl he’s looking for. He clearly describes his life, and what he wants. The only suggestions I have are to break up the wall of text, making it more approachable, and to avoid mentioning your previous relationship off the top. That being said, if he’s still hurting and not over it, then it’s accurate. But once you move on, that should go away.

Tinder Profile Example onion

Don’t try to be a comedian. Even if you are a comedian, don’t try to be one on your profile. The picture is as goofy as his text. That finely quaffed ‘do, the striped shirt, and most of all his “looking off into the distance like I’m having a deep thought” expression is laughable.

His text is a string of bad jokes that fall flat and give you no information about who he is, other than a goof. He needs to square up, and take the risk of actually showing himself to the world. It’s great to want to make a girl laugh, but she’s going to want to get to know you first.

Tinder Profile Example really-lonely


Great picture. While he clarifies later in the text that “I’m just really lonely…” is a joke, it’s not a great idea to lead with it. If you’re on a phone, and don’t scroll down, the last line you can read is “I play music, I dig music.”, the joke reveal is below the fold. Since people use Tinder in a mad rush, chances are he’s losing potential connections as a result.

With all the jokes in his profile it’s hard to tell if he actually is 4’2 or not. If he is, it’s a great thing he mentions it. If he’s not, this will probably hurt him. Humor and sarcasm don’t come off all that well in brief text, best not to scare people off when it doesn’t.

Tinder Profile Example sportbike

This profile is exceptional. He is clear about who he is, and will appeal greatly to the type of women he is interested in. His picture is clear and well chosen, and the profile is well-written. Bravo.


Hopefully by now you have a better handle on some of the mistakes, and a clear idea as why you should avoid them.

Too long; didn’t read: have a clear picture showing your eyes and your smile, and accurately represent yourself in your text.

Post Script: It seems only fair if I share my own profile as well.

As you can see, I’m not following my rule on the clear eyes and smile for my main picture. In this case I’m deferring those for the picture to better align with the text, much like how I approved of the picture chosen by Beardy man Thomas up there.

My text is short, and will be intriguing to the kind of women I’m interested in. Having a bold profile will reduce the number of connections you make, but will ensure the connections you do make will be with a woman more likely to be compatible with who you are. As a dominant, passionate, kinkster, I only work well with a specific subset of the female population.

As usual, it’s okay to break a rule, but only if you understand the rules you are breaking, and the reason for it.