A Brief Guide to Men’s Style: Shirts & Accessories

Choosing a shirt and accessories to complete your style is one of the easiest parts of the entire process, and is where the door is opened for more adventurous choices.

You can never buy a shirt for life, they are always temporary and comparatively cheap. If you want to jump in on trends, or do something outlandish, this is always the best place to do it. It’s far easier to eat the cost of a $30 shirt you wore once, than $600 boots.

With that being said, here are some simple things to keep in mind.

Your shit has to fit

If you want clothing to look and feel good, you need to make sure it fits properly. A t-shirt two sizes too large is good as pajamas, and nothing more. If you choke yourself doing up the top button on a dress shirt, it will never feel comfortable. If your dress shirt bunches up around your body, it’s going to look terrible.

Make sure your clothes fit. If they stop fitting, you need to get new clothes.

Can't beat the look of a proper fitting shirt

Get the shirt staples

Never underestimate the value of a solid black t-shirt. It’s simple, works great with you jeans and boots, looks great, and takes no risks.

When it comes to dress shirts you should get yourself three to start. White, blue, and something funky. I absolutely love purple and pink dress shirts, but you don’t want to be stuck with those being your only option.

For the most part, these are really the only two options you should consider. T-shirts, and Dress shirts. The first exception is a casual button up. Just make sure it doesn’t look stupid.

Always wear a belt

If it has belt loops, you should be wearing a belt. Excluding tactical/purpose suited clothing, If it doesn’t have belt loops, you shouldn’t be wearing it.

If you only want to buy one belt, make it a solid black leather belt with a standard buckle. Make sure it fits you, you want enough leather on the left side of the buckel to secure the loose end under the first belt loop, but not so much you have a tail wagging around.

For your second belt, make it a solid brown leather belt, with a standard buckle. After this you can start getting as adventurous as you desire.

Don’t be stupid

Stay away from anything that looks like Ed Hardy. Stay away from anything to do with MMA or UFC. Stay away from anything that sparkles. It doesn't matter how much it costs, people will make fun of you when you wear it. If you honestly have no idea what looks good, or what you like, just get solid colors and start there.

Don’t pay to be a billboard

Solid grey's a better choice.

Walking around with a big brand logo on a t-shirt is an embarrassment. You let someone convince you to pay them to advertise on their behalf, or you look like a guy who didn't care enough to go out and buy his own shirt. It doesn't matter if it's free, or if you really like the brand/whatever it's advertising. Don't wear it.

If after reading this you still don’t know what side is up, just stick to the basics: dark solid colors to go with your leather belt and well fitting jeans.

Now that you’ve read over each element in this very basic guide to men’s style, head on to the most important article of them all: Style Mistakes to Stop Making.