A Brief Guide to Men’s Style: Mistakes to Stop Making

It doesn’t matter what you personal style may be, there are some things which are simply unacceptable.

Any time you go out into public and look around, you’re almost certain to see someone making one of these mistakes. If you’re one of them, you need to stop now. Don’t try to justify it in any way, just accept it for the mistake it is, and knock it off.

The shouldn’t need mentionings

It’s mind boggling to me, and just about everyone else in the world, that these still exist out in the wild. If you find yourself doing any of the below you should be ashamed.

Never wear socks with sandals.

Never tuck in to the boxers.

No excuses, no debate. If you have sort of hybrid sandal shoe, you probably want to stop wearing it all together, but regardless: never wear socks with sandals.

Never tuck in to your gitch.

A shirt tucked inside your underwear’s waistband is a sure-fire way to look like a complete loser.

Never tuck in without a belt.

If you read the previous article you will already know this should be impossible, as you should always be wearing a belt.

It needs to fit! Your clothing needs to fit. The better it fits, the better it looks. If you are going to break this rule it needs to be by choice, not because you don’t care, or don’t know.

Grave offenses

While the previous mistakes make you look like a complete fool, these just make you look foolish. They should be avoided at all costs.

Untucked tails.

If your shirt has a straight hem, it’s made to be worn untucked. If your shirt has tails (the bottom isn’t an even straight line), you need to keep it tucked at all times.

Camouflage anything.

Don't associate yourself with this.

Unless you’re playing paintball, in the military, or possibily snowboarding, there is no legitimate excuse for wearing camouflage clothing.

Ed Hardy/Affliction/Bedazzled.

I mentioned it in the previous article, but it’s worth mentioning again: MMA/UFC shirts are acceptable for wearing to the gym, that’s it. It doesn’t matter how much the item costs, if it looks like Ed Hardy threw up on it, you will look like a douchebag wearing it.

Plaid on plaid.

If you don’t have a very good handle on fashion it’s a mistake to mix two strong patterns. Plaid on plaid, two types of stripes, or anything of the like is asking for trouble.

Fanny Packs.


Keep it clean.

If you choose to wear white, or light colored, clothes or shoes, they need to be spotless. Brilliantly white shoes look great, stained and muddied ones look terrible.

Lesser transgressions

These are getting a little bit nitpicky. If you feel very strongly against any of these I’m not going to fault you for ignoring them. But if you’re breaking any of the rules below you better have a damn good reason for it.

Socks above shoes with shorts.

If you’re wearing shorts you should probably be wearing sandals. If you do choose to wear shoes, they should be low-rise, and worn without socks. If you do wear socks, the socks should not be visible above the mouth of the shoe. Protip: If you choose the no-socks route, get some Gold Bond medicated powder. Keeps your feet dry, comfortable, and without stank.

An exception to this can be if you’re wearing high socks. The point being it was a conscious style choice, and not just a sloppy combination.

Sweatpants or cargo pants.

These items should be viewed as functional, and worn outside of the realm of style. The worst part about having a bunch of pockets on your pants is you’re going to fill them up with junk. Then you’re that wanker walking around with sagging, bunching, rattling pants.

Obvious discomfort.

As a man, putting yourself in obvious discomfort is almost always a style mistake. Wearing a puffy down jacket in mid july or sandals in a snowstorm just makes you look like a goof. Interestingly this is the exact opposite with women, it seems the more discomfort they put themselves in, the more we like it.

White pants.

White socks never go with dark pants/shoes.

You better know what you’re doing if you’re opting for white pants. This goes for any color other than black, blue, or some earth tone.

White socks, black pants.

I don’t think anyone has ever made this look good.

As with any life rules, these can and will be broken, sometimes to great effect. But as with any rules, you want to learn and understand them first, and only break them by choice. There are many other things which people will argue should be on this list, and even some people who will argue against some on here. But unless you have a very good idea of what your style is, and where it can go wrong, this is a great place to start.

I look forward to the comments.