Like alcohol or nicotine, marijuana is a drug that can be enjoyed maturely. Just because you know how a teenaged pothead acts when high, doesn’t mean you have to as well.

While the difference between drinking like a teen and a responsible Man are obvious and evident to most of us, cannabis is still less prevalent and storied in general society, causing it to have maintained a lot of its negative connotations and stereotypes.

The truth is that weed can be smoked without having to abandon your image as a strong, mature, intelligent gentlemen. The most important part of this is not making any of the amateur mistakes while high.

Handle your drugs with class

You never want to be the guy at the bar screaming “I’m so wasted!”, this much is blatantly obvious. It’s no different on any other drug. Unless you’re in a conversation about your current state of mind no one cares how high you are.

Seriously, stop telling people how high you are.

The point of doing any drug is to change (and often elevate) your perception of your environment. Drugs are intended to be used for personal reasons, to achieve a personal goal. Telling someone else how fucked up you are does nothing but make you look like someone who can’t handle their drugs.

Can't but love a girl who blazes.

Can’t but love a girl who blazes.

It shows you’re overwhelmed by the experience, to the point of being unable to focus on anything other than your own high. While I’m sure you’re having a blast, no one else benefits from this information. It’s like winning the lottery only to go around telling people how rich you are.

The main point is this: smoking weed does not make you cool. You can be cool, and smoke weed, but it’s correlation not causation at work here.

Know what you’re smoking

When you pour someone a glass of whiskey and they ask you what it is, your reply isn’t just “whiskey”. You’re going to tell them what type of whiskey it is, including the type, brand and probably age. A gentleman knows at least a rudimentary amount of information about the drugs he does and offers to others.

Weed is no different. There are two main types of cannabis: sativa and indica. Sativa strains of cannabis are more energizing, creative and functional. Indicas typically make the user more sedate. For this reason sativas are typically best for smoking when still wanting to be functional, and indicas are best for watching movies, sleeping etc.
Within each type of weed there are strains. Each strain of weed has its own characteristics, much like the difference between different brands of cigarettes. While the type and strain of the grass will change its traits and effect, the most important factor for the quality of bud is how it was grown.

All of these things will greatly affect the effect of the drug on the user. If someone asks you what type of weed it is, it may be because they only enjoy one type or the other, know what it is.

If you want to be a geek and learn all about the different strains head to

The ritual

One of the best parts of smoking weed isn’t the high, it’s the actual act of smoking. It can be done intimately or socially and is always creative. While there are various forms of etiquette, there are very few actual rules. You are supposed to enjoy weed however you like, the rest are just details.


Titanium Space Case.

Titanium Space Case.

When you have nugs of chronic you want to smoke, the first thing you need to do is bust it up into small pieces to maximize combustion. You want to remove all stems, sticks, leaves and seeds leaving you with nothing but the sticky-icky-icky. There are four ways to do this:

Hand-Busting: It’s never wrong to just use your fingers to pull your nugs apart. You will want to take your time and peel it apart into the smallest pieces possible, and while this may be the “best” way to bust your weed, the benefits are negligable and the time is substantial.

Scissors: This is halfway between using your hands and using something more efficient. Scissors will get the job done, but it’s my opinion you’re spending too much time for no reason with this method. The only benefit is that it’s quicker than using your hands. Although, some people find it therapeutic.

Coffee Grinder: A super cheap bladed coffee grinder will make short work of your nugs. This method, though incredibly efficient, is less classy, requires you to have a bulky grinder for this one purpose and needs you to have a power outlet. Unless you’re grinding massive amounts of weed this option isn’t ideal.

Buster: Any head shop will also sell busters. These are little tools specifically designed for this job, as such they do it incredibly well. I highly suggest you you pick this as your main busting method, and even more highly suggest you do yourself a favor and buy a Space Case. There numerous brands and types of busters out there, but Space Case offers a lifetime warranty for a reason: they are nearly bombproof. Avoid all aluminum busters, and plastic is never classy.


There are three main ways to use cannabis. Some require significant effort, some require special tools and some are extremely basic. How you choose to use is up to you, but you should be aware of the main methods.


With a bit of work and prep, you can eat weed. Eating it is a very different experience than smoking, it can often be considerably stronger (depending how much you eat) and can last for a significantly longer time.


This recipe for Cannabis Coconut Oil is legit.

Firstly let’s make something very clear: You can’t just chew on buds and expect to get high. If you’re eating weed you need to extract the THC into the medium, this is most commonly done by making Cannabis Butter (budder). Then you just use the butter in your cooking as you normally would. I highly suggest you use coconut oil instead of butter for a few reasons, mainly it works better and is better for you.


THC vaporizes at a lower temperature than plant matter combusts. This means if you have a vaporizer you can “smoke” the THC without actually creating any smoke from the buds. Nothing is actually burning in the process. In theory this eliminates all possible harmful effects caused from inhaling smoke into your lungs.

Not only is vaporizing healthier, it’s more efficient. THC vaporizes starting just above 350 degrees centigrade. This means when you’re burning weed, you’re burning off some of the drug at the same time. When you vaporize you’re getting “bang for your buck”. You’ll get more high off less weed. Unfortunately it also means you will be smoking from a gadget, or huffing creamy air out of plastic bags.

If you want a vaporizer you have a number to choose from. I highly suggest you take a look at Davinci, Volcano, and Arizer.


The most common way to use weed is to smoke it. There are a few ways to do this:

Smoking a Bowl

A bowl (or a cone as they call it outside of North America) is simply the part of a pipe where you pack the ground up weed. It doesn’t matter if you’re smoking from a pipe, a glass bong, an apple, or a plastic coke bottle; a bowl is a bowl.

How to Use a Pipe

Almost all pipes have a choke. You have a bowl (filled with weed) you have the mouth piece and you have a third hole by the bowl. This third hole is the choke. When you plug this hole all air you suck in comes in through the bowl, when you unplug that hole and suck in almost all air comes in through that hole.

Glass is beautiful, as long as you keep it clean.

Keep your glass clean.

To use a pipe you plug the hole, and suck in air heated by the lighter (sucking the flame into the bowl). The smoke will build up in the pipe’s chamber as you do this. When you unplug the choke and suck in all of the smoke inside the pipe is ejected into your mouth, fresh air refilling the chamber.

When smoking from a bong the concept is exactly the same, only the design is a little different. Some bongs have a choke as a hole, just like the pipe did. More commonly the bong will only have one intake that serves both purposes. In this case you smoke the bong exactly as you did the pipe, only instead of “unplugging the choke” you literally pull out the bowl, having the same effect.

Joints, Blunts and Spliffs

Firstly, If you’re planning on rolling a joint (or a blunt/spliff) you’re going to want to be vigilant ensuring no stems get busted up with the bud. Stems are pointy and rigid, they will punch holes in the sides of your rolling paper, rendering your joint unsmokable.

The first thing to understand is the difference between the three types of doobs:

Joint – Just weed rolled in a rolling paper.
Blunt – Just weed rolled inside a tobacco leaf (cigar wrapper).
Spliff – Weed and Tobacco mix rolled up in rolling paper.

A joint is the standard. People roll spliffs because they want a less-strong joint or because they don’t want to use that much herb. It ruins the taste of the weed, and it makes sharing your doob with any non-smokers nearly impossible. Unless you were born in the 60’s, there is no good reason to ever roll a spliff.

A blunt is really just a novelty item. Blunts, by definition, are massive. If you’re smoking with a whole crowd of people, a blunt can be a good time. But for the most part it’s just excessive. It’s kind of like buying a Hummer, it’s huge and badass, but in the end it does the same job as a VW Golf. If you have the weed and the will, by all means roll yourself a blunt.

Pro tips:

Weed tastes good. If you’re buying great strains you’re going to want to taste them, unfortunately when you have scorched the entire bowl black you will ruin any chance of tasting the actual weed.

A woven blunt: a thing of beauty.

A woven blunt: a thing of beauty.

To be a courteous smoker you need to either corner the bowl (hold the flame to the side and suck it just over the edge of the bowl so when you’re intaking the flame only burns a small part of the weed in the bowl, leaving the rest green.)
Pack bowls small enough to be entirely smoked in one hit.

If you’re a smoker you’re used to sitting around and talking while your smoke slowly burns away, forgotten in your hand. This is not okay with a doob, you’re smoking or your passing it on.

Always clear the chamber of a bong before passing it over. No one likes to get your left-over stale smoke.

It’s better to take multiple small tokes, than one huge toke putting you on your ass.

Get in the habit of always pulling the bowl of a bong BEFORE you stop intaking air. Some bongs will flood the bowl with water if you stop intaking before you remove the bowl.

Keep your pipe clean, you’re not a teenager.

If smoking from a small pipe, intake into your mouth first, and then into your lungs. Going straight from the pipe to your lungs might burn your throat, it’s really uncomfortable.

Never clean a glass bowl with something made of metal, it will scratch the bowl.

More so than any other drug, weed is for sharing. Puff… puff… and pass to your left.