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Original Whiskey Sour Recipe

It’s true that real men drink whiskey, but that doesn’t mean we only drink it neat: sometimes a cocktail is in order

While you can find multiple Whiskey Sour recipes online, I’m of the opinion that things should never be made more complex than they need to be. This whiskey sour recipe is about as classic as it gets, refined by my own hand. Follow it and you’ll be the toast of your friends, literally.




Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe

The old fashioned is one of the most basic and perfect whiskey cocktails you can make. It’s called an Old Fashioned because it’s made in the style of the original cocktail, no frills, no gimmiks.

Despite being made in just about every bar and being one of the most well-known whiskey cocktails, this classic drink is one of the most commonly fouled. The drink’s name is ‘Old Fashioned’ as such it should adhere to the standards of a classic cocktail and not have any fruit added to the mix.




Sazerac Classic Cocktail Recipe

A classic cocktail mixing Rye with Absinthe. As such this is the ideal cocktail to get the party started.

The only downfall to this classic cocktail is the difficulty you may have finding Absinthe. Most Absinthe you will see in stores these days bears nearly no resemblance to the original spirit used in the recipe. Luckily a Sazerac uses only as much Absinthe as you would Vermouth in a martini.


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