Whiskey of the Week: The Glenrothes

All who like Scotch love whiskey, but all like whiskey don’t always love Scotch. If you’re a fan of Scotland’s greatest creation I implore you to get your hands on a bottle of Glenrothes.

Glenrothes is just one of the many “glen” named distilleries in Scotland, and while its name isn’t quite as well known as Glenfiddich or Glenlivet their whiskey is superior in just about every way possible. The distillery itself resides in the Speyside region, the same area of Scotland as the aforementioned lesser Glens.

For those of you not down with drinking a glass of liquid smoke and peat, don’t worry. The Speyside region’s malts are anything but musky, but contain many more interesting notes than the typically lighter highland malts.

The main characteristic of the Glenrothes is its tendency to be both vibrant and spicy, along with the typical characteristics found in a Speyside.
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