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Dominance and Devotion: How to Run a Relationship

Relationships don’t drive themselves, someone has to wear the pants and make sure things run smoothly and keep moving forward.

To be clear, it doesn’t matter who is wearing the pants in a relationship, just as long as they wear them well. There is no advantage to ‘the man’ always being the one in charge, but as a man it is your responsibility to make sure someone is behind the wheel. If your relationship is without a driver, it’s your job to step up and take control.

The first thing you need to understand to wear pants well, is what you need, and what you want, from your relationship. Continue reading “Dominance and Devotion: How to Run a Relationship” »

Sex and Game

Five Quick Tips for Picking up Girls

Everywhere you go there are girls looking to be picked up. You have a choice to make: be the man to do it, or be the boy who watches others have all the fun.

There are shelves full of books written on exactly how to do this, and some of them are really great, but when it comes down to the fundamentals there are really only five things you need to do to start taking girls home. Your job is to captivate, entertain, and intrigue. This is how you do it. Continue reading “Five Quick Tips for Picking up Girls” »

Sex and Game

The Art of the First Date

The only thing worse than not being able to approach, meet, and set up a date with a cute girl, is getting that far and then dropping the ball.

A bad date for any reason is an uncomfortable, costly, waste of time. It can leave a sour taste in your mouth, and even affect your confidence and self image. If you are the reason it was bad, it’s even worse knowing the night could have gone another way. While not all dates can be good, you need to make it your business to ensure every first date you go on has the best possible chance for success. Continue reading “The Art of the First Date” »


Life Lessons I Learned Playing Poker

Some of the most valuable life lessons and skills I possess were learned while sitting behind a stack of chips trying to make rent.

Some quick background: When I was in my early 20’s I took a serious liking to poker, so much so I was spending 40-60 hours a week with cards in my hand. Obviously this took a toll on my 40-hour a week job, so I did what any responsible 22-year old male would do: I quit my job. Continue reading “Life Lessons I Learned Playing Poker” »


Why you Fear Rejection, and how you Will Overcome Your Fear

The fear of rejection is one of the largest hurdles standing between a man and his goals. Almost all men have failed to catch the interest of a girl because the fear of rejection stopped them before they made a move.

It’s absolute lunacy to ensure failure because you’re afraid of failing. We accomplish this feat of stupidity by rationalizing it with the faulty logic “well if I don’t try I can’t fail”. Make no mistake, inaction is its own failure. Couple this with the fact you still didn’t get the girl and you have now failed twice. Continue reading “Why you Fear Rejection, and how you Will Overcome Your Fear” »

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How to be a Man: Eight Easy Rules

Men come in all different shapes and sizes, and while every man is unique the definition of what it is to be a man is relatively constant.

The most important quality a man can encompass is the will and ability to handle his shit, which is why I have written an article dedicated to the concept. With this one out of the way we’re left with eight more important traits every man should posses. Continue reading “How to be a Man: Eight Easy Rules” »


A Gentleman’s Guide to Marijuana

Like alcohol or nicotine, marijuana is a drug that can be enjoyed maturely. Just because you know how a teenaged pothead acts when high, doesn’t mean you have to as well.

While the difference between drinking like a teen and a responsible Man are obvious and evident to most of us, cannabis is still less prevalent and storied in general society, causing it to have maintained a lot of its negative connotations and stereotypes. Continue reading “A Gentleman’s Guide to Marijuana” »

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For the Girls: How to Find a Good Man

You’re tired of falling for men who take you for granted, who mistreat you and make you feel ordinary: you’re tired of being hurt. Here’s how to avoid these land-mines.

I recently got an email from a female reader asking for advice on what a “real man” looks for in a real woman. She wanted to know how to avoid putting herself in the same depressing situation as her last few relationships. She wanted to know how to get back hope, and faith, in men.
Continue reading “For the Girls: How to Find a Good Man” »

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How to Fake Confidence: Make Strong Moves

Everyone knows confidence is the key to success, but when you don’t have the level of confidence you would like you need to learn how to fake it.

It’s a bit of a paradox: to be confident you must be successful, but to be successful you must be confident. The key to breaking the paradox is in one simple truth you need to hold dear; no one knows what is going on inside your head. Simply put, no one can know if you are confident or if you are just good at faking it.

If you want to have success talking to and picking up women, you are going to need to learn how to fake confidence until you are brimming with it. One easy way to do this is to focus on just one aspect of the whole game: making strong moves. Continue reading “How to Fake Confidence: Make Strong Moves” »

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